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Jesse Ballard - Tribute to Ray Charles

16.08.2018 / 13:24
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PRAGUE JAZZ DOCK 22.09. 2018

The musician, singer and composer from California with his distinctive voice is already well-known in the Czech Republic, especially after the recent collaboration with Czech rock violinist Jan Hrubý. From the start of his career he has impressed audiences with his original songs and lyrics, the poetry of which reflects his rich life experiences. His music captures the Californian sunshine and the influences of his musical heroes. The songs composed from this blending, enthrall the most fastidious music lovers. One of the artists who has influenced Jesse Ballard’s music the most is without a doubt Mr. Ray Charles. At the “Europe Blues Train 2018” he will present a variation of the program, “Tribute to Ray Charles". On the piano we will hear Stephan Hoppe whose Ray Charles style piano playing has already impressed audiences in many places. The trio will be sensitively completed by Joe Kučera (sax, fl), musical partner and friend of Jesse since the 1970ies and also the one to initiate this special program which is performed since the beginning of this century in many places around the world.

Jesse Ballard – voc, g; Joe Kučera – sax; Stephan Hoppe – p.

Whole evening admission: seating CZK 450, standing CZK 280. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

Neue Fotos von Theo Krieger

07.03.2013 / 23:56
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… und was noch wichtiger ist, JESSE BALLARD KOMMT NACH BERLIN :-)
siehe Info

Echoes from Jesse Ballard tour

29.11.2010 / 12:51
Kategorien: Saxophone Joe, Jesse Ballard, Hans Hartmann   Deutsch

Jesse Ballard, Hans Hartmann, Joe Kucera - Premiere in Slowakei/Nitra

… und in Horice..

und Hans mit Chapman Stick

alte Liebe rostet nicht

12.05.2007 / 14:15
Kategorien: Jesse Ballard, Hans Hartmann   Deutsch

Der Master des CHAPMAN STICK, Hans Hartmann,
spielt unterwegs mit Jesse Ballard Band
immer wieder auch groß-artig Kontrabass…


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